The Hordaland Health Studies

The Hordaland Health Studies (HHS) were conducted in 1992/93 (The Homocysteine study) and in 1997/99 (HUSK). Both surveys were conducted as a joint project between the University of Bergen, the Norwegian Health Screening Service (SHUS) (now part of the National Institute of Public Health) and the Municipal Health Service in Hordaland.

The HHS are interdisciplinary research collaborations with several sub-projects. The main focus of the studies is on chronic diseases including cadiovascular disease, cancer, osteoporosis, anxiety and depression. Some projects focus on psychosocial factors, occupational research, musculoskeletal diseases, urinary incontinence and mapping of drug use. The main purpose of the surveys is to gather information so that disease ultimately can be prevented.

Approximately 36,000 residents of Hordaland county participated in the studies, ca. 18,000 in 1992/93 and ca. 26,000 in 1997/99. About 7,000 of those who participated in the 1992/93 survey also participated in 1997/99.

The Hordaland Health Studies are part of the national research collaboration CONOR (COhort of NORway), and also participates in the Norwegian Epidemiologic Osteoporosis Studies (NOREPOS)